Gangrene and antibiotics

In response to the statement: “Gangrene will not go away, infection caused by taking antibiotics.”

One of the major drawbacks of antibiotics is that they suppress immunity.

External infections cannot heal with a suppressed immunity. Although antibiotics are designed to fight infections, they often do so by supplanting our natural immunity.

Treatment of gangrene with antibiotics is ineffective.

Hyperbaric oxygen and direct oxygenation with hydrogen peroxide have been more effective in the treatment of gangrene.

The curative power against gangrene can also be enhanced by increasing one’s natural immunity. This is easily done by eating some garlic on a daily basis.

The gangrene infection must be washed with hydrogen peroxide everyday or several times a day until the open wound dries out and begins to heal.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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