Do spinal nerves regenerate?

Regeneration of spinal nerve

In response to the enquiry: “Do spinal nerves regenerate?”

Spinal cord injuries cause lower body paralysis.

I had provided long term rehabilitation for two young men who were completely paralyzed from the waist down due to spinal cord injury, one in an automobile accident, the other was shot six times.

Their biological functions were not affected but they were completely paralyzed below the waist. Their paralysis was permanent. In these cases, the spinal nerves did not and would not regenerate.

While teaching my rehabilitative exercise classes, a man who had been recovering from paralysis caused by an automobile accident and his family attended my classes. When he was first brought into the classroom, family members had to support him because he was unable to walk independently although he had recovered enough to be able to stand for a short time by himself. Coordination of leg movements was very difficult for him.

At the time, I was teaching how to walk steadily, how to maintain steadiness in walking, how to control the center of gravity of the torso, how to shift the center of gravity of the torso to distribute the upper body weight onto the unsteady legs and feet to maintain balance and in taking forward steps.

His ability to stand indicated that the spinal nerves were still intact and alive. However, commands to his legs were not received by his leg muscles properly. The lack of further physical rehabilitation in the hospital environment also arrested further improvement in leg and arm movement. He was unable to take forward steps independently.

According to his family members, rapid improvement was brought back immediately after taking my physical rehabilitation class. The man was able to take forward steps by himself and maintain balance after his first few classes. His family members expressed their appreciation and gratitude directly to me when they saw the progress he made.

In this case, the class exercises he took directly contributed to the regeneration of the spinal nerves that controled leg movement.


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