Sciatica and surgery

In response to the enquiry: “How long does it take to heal sciatica nerve after surgery?”

Sciatica becomes worse without immediate care, pain increases, and partial paralysis gradually sets in.

Sciatica results from nerve inflammation, spinal cord problems, disc herniation, crooked spine, fusing of vertebrae, as well as bad posture, sunken bed, cold bedroom, landing on a hard surface on one’s heels, a bad twist of the waist while playing a game of bad golf or if one prefers, a bad game of golf, slipping on a wet floor and twisting the torso at the waist, picking up a heavy box from the floor by bending forwards and picking it up in the wrong way, sitting in a wrong ergonomic chair, sitting in the dinky bucket seat of a dinky new car, and so on.

Practitioners of Chinese acupressure, Chinese “tui na” or “push and pull”, and those who practice deep tissue massage, will all say that surgery is not the right way to treat sciatica.

In fact, surgery is the wrong way to treat sciatica.

Sciatica can be “healed” in about 20 to 40 minutes. Acupressure and deep tissue massage with a lot of muscle pain relief gel or vapor rub, standing against a wall and raising both arms upwards with the back of the hands touching the wall and then stretching the arms upwards several times, standing against a wall and holding up a 12-gauge shotgun for a minute or two, eating garlic, onion, ginger, stopping all consumption of acidic drinks and sweets, and losing weight can keep one sciatica free.


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