Food additives

Are food additives essential?

This was the question posed by a general survey of people’s attitude about food additives.

The survey showed that 59.71% of the people asked believe food additives “are essential”, 25.81% believe “it depends” and 14.48% believe they are “not essential”.

When asked whether one considers vitamins as food additives, 51.16% said “no”, 32.91% said “yes”, and 15.92% said “don’t know.”

When asked “which food additive do you think is the safest”, 82.6% chose sorbic acid, 10.56% chose sodium bisulfite, and 6.84% chose benzoic acid.

When asked about added food coloring, 7.82% said they would buy the food with added coloring if it looks good, 55.54% said they would look at the color of the food to see if it looks natural or not, and 36.64% said they will not buy foods with added coloring because they believe coloring additives may be harmful.

When asked: “What type of diseases do food additives cause in your opinion”? There were 2.64% who mentioned “polyarteritis”, 19.51% mentioned “kidney damage”, 61.97% mentioned “carcinogenic”, 13.73% mentioned “poisoning”, and 2.14% said “harmless”.


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