According to some Chinese health tips, vinegar has the following benefits.

(1) Vinegar can ease constipation.
(2) Vinegar can stimulate appetite and help digestion.
(3) Vinegar can reduce salt absorption, although the original Chinese text says “reduce salt intake”.
(4) Vinegar has 0.4% to 0.6% acetic acid.
(5) Vinegar can eradicate odor, fish smell, and cut grease and fat.
(6) Vinegar can help reduce weight by stimulating metabolism of sugar and fat and can lower cholesterol.
(7) Vigenar can be used in massage to smooth out wrinkles.
(8) Soaking the feet in warm vinegar can stimulate circulation and improve sleep.
(9) Adding some vinegar to a warm bath can relieve fatigue.
(10) Vinegar kills germs and can ease vaginal itching and prevent vaginitis.

Douche is vinegar. Vinegar has been used to clean out facial pores. Vinegar does kill germs and eradicate odor.

If one soaks one’s athlete’s foot in vinegar, it does not seem to burn. However, when one applies some vinegar to crotch itch, it will burn.

Applying hydrogen peroxide, lime, white distilled vinegar, baking soda on crotch itch will cause a burning sensation.


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