Diapers! Diapers!

Diapers! Diapers!

Another survey of 1003 Chinese mainland people in Beijing was conducted and the results were made public on April 26, 2014, about the kid peeing in public on the street in Hong Kong.

This survey is interesting because it reveals the absolute lack of knowledge of the Chinese mainland people about what a diaper is and what it is used for. It reveals the mentality of blaming others for one’s wrongdoing by the Chinese mainland people. It shows how primitive the Chinese mainland people are in terms of being civilized, and it shows their utter uncivility.

People who do not know about diapers and when to use diapers will remain primitive and uncivilized. The Chinese people will never become civilized if they do not know when to use diapers and learn what diapers are used for.

Of the 1003 people surveyed, 44.6% are women and 55.4% are men, 5.3% of them have a high school education or less, 20.6% have a college education, 66.6% hold a bachelor’s degree, and 7.5% hold a master’s degree or above.

They were asked if peeing in public is tolerable, and 38.8% say “peeing in public should be tolerated”, 16.6% say “peeing in public should be admonished”, 4.9% say “peeing in public should be legally held responsible because it is against the law to pee in public in Hong Kong”, and 39.7% say “the mother should have taken the kid to a remote location to pee”.

When asked what “problems are reflected” by the peeing kid, 18.8% blame the kid for
“having poor urinary control”, 30.7% say “there are too few public toilets”, 21.8% say “the parents did not know where the public toilets are”, 28.7% say “the people of the Chinese mainland and the people in Hong Kong have different understandings, concepts and knowledge”, 51.8% say “a minority of the Hong Kong people have an unbalanced mentality and this minority is using this incident as a way to vent their bias at the Chinese mainland people”, 46.3% say “the habits of the Chinese mainland tourists are poor”, 51.4% say “there is a gap and a separation between the cultures and living habits of the people in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland people”, 46.7% blame “media hype”, 45.2% say “the people in Hong Kong are overly sensitive to the ‘Chinese mainland factor’ in judging the Chinese mainland people”.

As to what should be done to resolve this conflict between the people of Hong Kong and the people of the Chinese mainland, 25.1% say “the Chinese mainland tourists should respect the customs of the Hong Kong people”, 25.5% say “the people in both Hong Kong and from the Chinese mainland should communicate more through social media”, 1.9% advocate “limiting free travel by Chinese mainland tourists to Hong Kong”, and 2.3% answered “other”.

This is interesting because neither the questions nor the responses mentioned anything about diapers!

This indicates to me that 100% of the Chinese mainland people have absolutely no knowledge about diapers and the use of diapers.

The questions and the responses also reveal the general bias of the uncivilized Chinese mainland people have towards the civilized Hong Kong people, blaming the Hong Kong people instead for being biased.

In modern societies, diapers are a daily necessity for babies, kids two to four years old as well as senior citizens. The use of diapers is a daily routine for babies and kids on outings. Not using diapers marks an uncivilized society and peeing in public marks a primitive society.

The questions and the responses reveal the social backwardness of the Chinese mainland people who do not even realize their own social backwardness and their primitive state of living habits.

Without the common knowledge of using diapers, a society will never become civilized and it will never become a modernized society of civilized people.

Peeing in public is uncivilized behavior. The use of diapers is civilized behavior.


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