Brain dead, heart dead, and truly dead

Brain dead, heart dead, and truly dead

A debate over whether “brain dead = true death?” has been waging after a 21-year-old young man from Guangxi was pronounced “brain dead” and his heart was immediately taken out and transplanted into a 12-year-old boy from Beijing.

In China, death is confirmed when automatic or autonomic respiration stops, when the heart stops, and when pupillary reflexes stop. In 2010, hospitals adopted the common practice of determining death by both “heart dead” and “brain dead”.

On May 6, 2014, head of the organ transplant research institute of the 309 Hospital Shi Bingyi said, often family members will insist on “rescue operations” even after a patient has been pronounced brain dead. He said that “resuscitation after brain death is a waste of medical resources and time”.

Director of the Qingyuan Municipal People’s Hospital in Guangdong province Zhou Haipo said: “After a patient is brain dead, absolutely senseless resuscitation is a great waste of resources.”

According Shi Bingyi, “Brain dead is irreversible death.”

Yeah, being brain dead is being irreversibly dead!

Here is a good quote from the May 6, 2014, report:

“Patients who are ‘brain dead’ face the dilemma of being ‘medically already dead, but may not be ‘dead’ by law.”


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