China’s mentally ill

Most of China’s mentally ill are not getting treatment

A May 14, 2014, report on China’s mentally ill said that 80% of them are not getting treated. Cases of people being attacked by a mentally ill person have now become
“random time bombs” of grave public safety concern.

On May 14, 2014, a 6-year-old boy in Guangzhou was stabbed twice by a woman with mental illness. On May 8, a mentally ill woman born in 1976, brought a knife and stabbed four poeple in front of a supermarket in Rifeng Town in Lichuan county in Jiangxi province. She had received psychiatric treatment in Jiangxi province in 2009.

China has over 100 million people who are mentally ill and 16,000,000 of them are severely mentally ill.

China has 20,000 registered psychiatrists and 30,000 registered psychiatric nurses. The ratio of psychiatrists to patients is 1:800. There is 1.5 psychiatrist per 10,000 people in China. Only 20% of the mentally ill receive effective treatment while 80% of them do not receive any kind of effective treatment.

[Master Chen says]
Most public stabbings in China are not committed by the mentally ill. Many previous reports have attributed public stabbings to mental illness. However, confessions by the perpetrators have revealed that the motive for public stabbings is not mental illness but retaliatory vengence, vendetta, and anti-social violence due to severe depression and mental frustration.

As the People’s Daily said on May 14, 2014, “violent retaliation against violent law enforcement” is not the right way.


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