Chinese definition of ADHD

A Chinese definition of ADHD

A teacher told a mother: “Your kid needs an IQ test to see if he is mentally handicapped. He has been doing poorly at school.”

The mother took the kid to get an IQ test. The doctor said the kid may be suffering from hyperactivity disorder. The IQ test came out to be 135. The average IQ of the common population is 120.

Chief physician Chen Li of the children’s hospital of the Chongqing Medical University said this is a case of ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He said 80% of it come from heredity. The disorder can be transmitted by parents to the next or even the third generation from the grandparents to the grandchildren. The other 20% of it come from the environment such as a broken family, single parent family, inappropriate educational methods, parental depression and impulsive and impetuous parental behavior and personality, etc.

Dr. Chen Li said 40% of ADHD cases can recover normal behavior. Medicinal and behavioral treatments are both used and are “both safe”. In treating ADHD children, do not discriminate, and do not use physical violence against them.


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