Travel alert! Socially sick behavior


Never take any Chinese airlines flight.

June 2, 2014, Macao to Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai, flight FM818, while the plane was taxing for takeoff, a 52-year-old man named Wang refused to turn off his cell phone when told to do so by a stewardess. The man responded very rudely even when other passengers told him to do so too. Some 30 minutes into the flight, the man again verbally abused the stewardess and was chided by another passenger. The man and his 26-year-old female companion named Li began to punch and kick the other passenger, causing physical harm.

The flight arrived at Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai at 15:50 p.m., and the couple was taken into custody.

On May 30, 2014, flight CA8206 from Wuhan Tianho Airport to Beijing was scheduled to depart at 8:36 p.m. A 50-year-old man sitting in the last row refused to turn off his cell phone when the plane was taxing for takeoff. The passenger got into an argument with a stewardess. The plane aborted takeoff, turned back to the boarding gate, and the man and several other passengers seated near him were taken off the plane for questioning. The trouble maker was not allowed to reboard but the other passengers cleared security again and reboarded. The flight was delayed until 9:49 p.m.

[Master Chen says]

The latest report explained that Chinese aviation rules still do not allow the use of cell phones and other electronic equipment on board flights, especially during takeoff and landing. A Chinese pilot said that he experienced electronic inteference during landing once when a passenger started using an electronic device during landing.

The report blamed the aviation rules rather than the despicable misbehavior of the passengers.

To me, the ban may have been lifted by some international airlines, but the ban is not at fault. It is the despicable and uncivilized behavior of the Chinese passengers, such as the men and that female companion, that puts the entire flight at risk.

To me, such behavior is socially sick behavior!


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