China’s adult wet nurses provide extra services

China’s adult wet nurses provide extra services

It is legal to hire adult wet nurses, and they also provide extra services.

Two levels of services are provided by lactating females. One is “pure service” that provides only “sucking”. The other is “impure service” that provides “intercourse service”. Some “wet nurses” also provide “BDSM” services.

One time or single session “pure service” that provides “sucking” only costs 1000 yuan RMB. Over night “pure sucking” service costs 2000 yuan RMB, one full day “pure sucking” service costs 3000 yuan RMB. For added “sexual service”, an extra 1000 to 1500 yuan RMB is charged. All “wet nurses” demand full payment in advance before disrobing.

The cost of hiring a “wet nurse with extra sexual service” for an entire month costs 50,000 yuan RMB.

One “pimping” website offers membership for 100 yuan RMB. The website came online on September 23, 2013. It now has a registered membership of over 4000 clients. A member pays 60 yuan RMB for a 7-day “trial”. A VIP II level membership costs 100 yuan RMB for a one-month trial. A VIP I level membership costs 260 yuan for a three-month trial. A “High VIP II” level membership costs 450 yuan RMB for a six-month trial. A “High VIP I” level membership costs 780 yuan RMB for a 12-month trial.

The “pimping” service charges a 20% commission for its service. Interviews between the client and the “wet nurse” are set up and conducted online. The client and his “pick” then meet at a hotel. After entering the hotel room, the “wet nurse” will demand immediate up front payment in full. For “pure service”, the client pays 1000 yuan RMB up front. For additional “sexual service”, the client pays an extra 1500 yuan RMB. The “wet nurse” usually brings her own contraceptive device.

According to one “wet nurse”, a client usually buys “pure sucking” service with the same “wet nurse” once or twice but most often does not return for a third session. Most male clients want the “extra sexual service”. Many “wet nurses” who began providing only “pure sucking service” have begun to provide “extra sexual service” to retain clientile. Some “wet nurses” also provide extra “BDSM” services.

Wet nurse services are available in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Nanjing. “Sessions” are conducted in hotels in the surrounding areas outside the city limits.

The travel itinerary of a wet nurse is publicized for her clients to track. A more
“popular” wet nurse can charge 2000 yuan RMB per night for “pure service”, 4000 yuan RMB for overnight “extra sexual service”, 10,000 yuan RMB for a week-long pure service, and 15,000 yuan RMB for a week-long extra sexual service, 40,000 yuan RMB for a month-long pure service or 50,000 yuan RMB for a month-long extra sexual service.

Clients also hire wet nurses and take them on vacation trips at no cost to the wet nurses.

Some Chinese sociologists and psychiatrists say that adults who seek the services of a “wet nurse” are men who have grown up “without motherly love as children” and who are “psychologically insecure”.

The “adult wet nurse” service began with the popularly held belief that men who are physically weak need extra nourishment, and “human milk” is highly nutritious. Some “wet nurses” can stay in the business for a year throughout her lactative period. Others stay in the business for about three months until lactation ceases.

Although some “wet nurses” have tried to “squeeze the milk” into cups for clients, this is not widely practiced. Instead, allowing the “adult client” to “suck the lactating breasts” directly is more convenient.

In China, “wet nurse service” has a very long history and tradition. Most traditionally wealthy families hire wet nurses to help raise their children. The traditional wet nurses were mothers from poor families. Their sole duty is to provide breast feeding for her own children and the children of her “employer’s” family. In traditional families, the wet nurse lives with the employer’s family and often becomes a member of that family.

The Chinese term for a “wet nurse” is “奶媽 nai ma”. “奶 Nai” means “milk” and “媽 ma” means mother.

In China, up to the 1950s, many wealthy families had “奶媽 nai ma” or “milk mothers”. Back in those days, most babies were breast fed.


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