Chinese mainland people’s doggy logic

A People’s Daily article by a guy named Zhi Yong said that the dog has been defined as both a human partner and a source of food.

For the past few days, dog lovers and protectors have been going into dog meat restaurants to argue and fight with the dog meat eaters.

So the logic is that, after you become tired of your faithful partner, you can kill it and cook it for dinner.

Eating dog meat is therefore not an uncivilized act.

I believe it is utterly uncivilized.  A society that regards eating dog meat as “civilized”

behavior is definitely uncivilized and primitive!

Primitive agriculture

Chinese agriculture did not advance like it did in the West.  The Chinese did not domesticate the horse that came from  the West, the Chinese did not domesticate the cat like the Egyptians did, the Chinese did not domesticate the dog like the northern Europeans did.  The only animal that the southern Chinese domesticated was the water buffalo for working the soil in rice planting.

In Chinese civilization, the dog never was and never became the Chinese man’s best partner.  The only dogs that were bred for pleasure were the “fu dog” and the “Pekinese”.

The Chinese rice farmers are often reluctant to eat beef because they have feeling towards their hard working water buffalo.  However, the Chinese people in general do not regard the cat and the dog as “spiritual” and “social” partners as we do in the West.

To me, a society that does not regard the cat and the dog as having “social” and
“spiritual” value which both have amply demonstrated as pets, guard dogs, search dogs, combat dogs, etc. is a society that has not advanced from its primitive agriculture and such a society will never become truly civilized as a society centered around humanism and it will never become a truly humane society.

Peixian city in Jiangsu province, held a dog eating festival on June 28, 2014, in support of the dog eating festival being held in Yulin city in Guangxi province.

Dog eating is said to be a tradition not only in Yulin, Guangxi province, but also in Peixian city in Jiangxu, in Guangdong, and in Guizhou provinces.

According to a guy named Fan Xian, president of the dog raising association in Peixian, there are three categories of dogs in China: pet dogs, working dogs, and “meat dogs”. In Peixian, there are 1,000,000 caged dogs as “meat dogs”. Each day, over 600,000 dogs are slaughtered for dog meat. In Peixian, there are over 20 “dog meat processing plants”, more than 100 dog meat restaurants, over 300 dog meat “stalls”, and Peixian alone kills over 2,000 “meat dogs” for meat a day.

One comment was: “if nobody eats dogs, there will be an over population of dogs!”

Apparently, the Chinese on the Chinese mainland are so primitive that they do not even know to spay their dogs.


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