In response to the enquiry: “Does hydrogen peroxide get rid of the itch from grass?”

There are two general causes of itching: (1) infection and external irritation, and (2) allergic reactions.

An “itch from grass” can be due to pollen and surface irritants that cause the itch or an allergic reaction to the irritants on the grass.

Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, as well as the drinkable kind, especially the strong ones with a very high alcoholic content by volume, i.e., anything 40 proof or higher, vinegar, talc, a good washing and scrubbing of the skin with a lot of soap, will ease itching due to surface irritants.

Itching due to allergic reactions requires medical attention to find out the cause of the allergic reactions since allergies are “personal”.

Itching from athlete’s foot and crotch itch can be eased by soaking the foot in a bath of hydrogen peroxide, or vinegar, washing the crotch itch with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, or covering the itching areas with a thick coat of baby powder (talc), and baking soda. Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and baking soda on crotch itch will burn.

The white stuff under the toe nails

Besides hydrogen peroxide, white distilled vinegar will also moisten the white stuff under the toe nails very quickly for easy picking.

Soaking athlete’s foot with white stuff under the toe nails in hydrogen peroxide will cause foaming.  Soaking athlete’s foot with white stuff under the toe nails in vinegar will not cause foaming, but both hydrogen peroxide and vinegar will immediately moisten and loosen the hard white stuff under the toe nails.  The purpose is of course to soften the hard white smelly stuff under the toe nail for easy picking.

Rubbing alcohol and vinegar do not kill tinea pedis or the athlete’s foot fungus.  Hydrogen peroxide does.



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