Fishy odor of athlete’s foot and jackfruit vaginal smell

What makes your feet smell fishy and what might produce the jackfruit vaginal smell?

Thanks for the many enquiries I have received about the subject.

In response to the above and other such enquiries.

I have received many enquiries about the causes of the fishy smell of athlete’s foot, the fishy smell of the white stuff under toenails, and the jackfruit vaginal smell.

I will talk about them in a more extensive way than previously.

The characteristic smell of jackfruit and jackfruit vaginal smell is sulfur and ammonia. The characteristic smell of athlete’s foot and the white stuff under toenails is more fishy.

Anyone familiar with the sulfur springs in Beitou (北投)near Taipei would be familiar with the rotten egg smell or sulfur smell of the hot springs.

First, we know that certain bacteria and certain biomass decompositions produce particular smells, such as the rotton egg smell, decomposing flesh smell, and we know that certain plants produce strong and often rather pungent odors such as an onion smell, garlic smell, camphor smell of moth balls, etc.

Second, we know that various odors are produced by particular chemical processes involved and the bacteria that produce these chemical processes, and the gaseous waste they produce, such as the foul pus in the blisters of gangrene, etc.

For example, skin flora Corynebacterium manufacture the enzymes lipases that break down lipids to create smaller molecules such as butyric acid which produces the aroma of body odor. Propionic acid or propanoic acid is a product of some amino acids by Propionibacteria, and the propionic acid is chemically similar to acetic acid, giving some people a vinegar smell. The action of Straphylococcus epidermidis is present in both humans and in several strong cheeses.

Particular chemical compounds produce particular odors. The smell of rotten eggs comes from hydrogen sulfide, sulfur compounds and methionine. Vinegar smell comes from phenolic compounds and acetic acid, rancid butter smell comes from butanoic acid, methionine, sulfur, fishy smell comes from nitrogen compounds, dimethylamine, diethylamine, ammonia, sour meat smell comes from butyric acid, sweet smell comes from acetone, cat urine smell comes from methylcrotonic acid, sweaty feet smell comes from leucine, fishy smell comes from ammoniacal compounds and choline, trimethylamine, dimethylglycine, rotting corpse smell comes from lysine, etc.

In athlete’s foot odor, the tinea pedis fungus would be producing and releasing choline and trimethylamine as it consumes and digests human flesh, and the smell producing choline and trimethylamine would remain in the white stuff under the toenails.

The jackfruit vaginal smell would be produced by a combination of yeast, flora, the breakdown of biosulfuric compounds and the release of methionine and trimethylamine.

The fishy athlete’s foot smell, the jackfruit vaginal smell, the crotch itch smell which is a combination of the smell of urine and a “sour” smell are localized. Their chemical compositions are different. These smells are also external rather than internally generated such as the underarm smell which is produced by the release of bioaminoacetophenones and the general fishy smell of trimethylaminuria.

Trimethylaminuria is the fishy odor produced by a metabolic disorder that causes defect in the production of the enzyme flavin containing mono-oxygenase 3,and the body loses the ability to convert trimethylamine from precursor compounds in food digestion into trimethylamine oxide through N-oxygenation. Trimethylamine builds up in the body and is released through sweat, urine, breath, giving off a strong fishy odor. It is more common in women and it is suspected to be aggravated by the increased production of female sex hormones such as progesterone and estrogen.

The jackfruit vaginal smell would be a combination of the release of trimethylamine in urine and sweat since both are present in the crotch area where it is moist and warm.

The release of trimethylamine in urine and sweat in the crotch area where it is moist and warm is not due to any kind of metabolic disorder such as trimethylaminuria. It also depends on diet, digestion, lifestyle, and personal hygene.

Non-smoking women who live with heavy smokers often carry a strong tobacco smell. This smell comes from the tobacco odor that is absorbed by clothing and that stays on the skin due to second hand smoke.

Sometimes the musty smell produced by phenylalanine or “closet clothing smell” also sticks to clothing and skin.

Most of the external odors and smells can be washed off with soap. Washing with soap removes the skin flora and the bacteria on the skin that produce the smells, as well as the odoriferous molecules released by the body, including the jackfruit vaginal smell and the urinal smell of crotch itch.

Washing however, does not eliminate the heavy tobacco breath and exhalation of a heavy smoker.

There was a multiple murder case on Taiwan many years ago. The murderer killed two young women, one was a meat eater and the other was a vegetarian. The murderer wanted to know if the flesh of a meat eater and a vegetarian tasted differently.

Diet, metabolism, digestion, personal hygene and lifestyle can all determine the odor the human body generates. We are all familiar with garlic smell, onion smell, and the smells of many strong Indian spices such as tumeric, saffron, peppercorn, paprika, oreango, mint, cumin, curry powder and mustard seed. They stick to clothing and are released through the pores of the skin.


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