Being stubborn is being unreasonably obstinate, being obstinately perverse. Perverse is being contrary, turned away from what is right, good or proper. (Random House College Dictionary)

We have all encountered stubborn people in life. They are not persuaded by our arguments and advice. They persist in holding onto their personal bias.

Psychologically, being stubborn is defensive. A stubborn person stands firm against friendly advice which he or she regards as offensive.

Stubbornness stems from religious dogma, traditional beliefs, ideological and political propaganda and persuasion, brainwashing, personal opinion and bias.

Stubbornness has been seen in the attitude of the Chinese dog eaters. It has been seen in Beijing city’s policies that bar kindergarten children from attending city elementary schools.

Stubbornness has ruined many people’s lives, especially the stubborn administrative rules and regulations of the brutish and brutal local Chinese government agencies.

Stubbornness and constant nagging are equally devastating to their victims. They are destructive personal behavior whose psychological damage they inflict upon others has not been fully recognized.

Stubbornness and nagging are psychosocial in nature since they occur mostly between two people.

Stubbornness is being irrational in attitude and behavior towards others.

Stubborn people have been observed to be incapable of comprehending the psychological damage and the mental anguish they cause in those who offer friendly advice.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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