Liver cancer in China

Hepatitis B, liver cancer in China

According to 2012 statistics, there were 293,318 new cases of men with liver cancer and 101,452 new cases of women with liver cancer that year alone, or a total of 394,770 men and women who were new liver cancer patients.

In 2015, it is estimated that there will be 326,698 new cases of men with liver cancer, and 111,017 new cases of women with liver cancer, a total of 437,715 new cases in that year.

The number of people younger than 60 years old who are carriers of hepatitis B surface antigens amounts to 7.18% of that total population. That means there are some 100 million carriers of the hepatitis B virus. In China, there are between 20,000 and 30,000 chronic hepatitis B patients.

Among the Chinese mainland people, 85% to 90% of liver cancers develop from hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is the main cause of liver cancer in China. Among the chronic hepatitis B patients, 3% to 6% will undergo cancerous mutations. Over a period of five years, the rate of cancerous mutation increases to 5% to 15%. There is a three-stage development beginning from hepatitis to cirrhosis of the liver to liver cancer.

Among the Chinese, 85% to 90% of hepatitis B viral infections occur during infancy, being infected as infants, while 5% to 15% of infections occur during adulthood.


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