Lower back pain after landing on two feet

Lower back pain after landing on two feet

In response to the above enquiry.

A young man was playing volleyball in southern California. He jumped and landed on his two feet. Then he suddenly felt weak and fell to the ground and was temporarily unable to get up. He suffered severe lower back pain for an entire year. Physical therapy did not alleviate the lower back pain.

His older brother told him to take a plane and fly half way across the country to see me in the hope that I could get rid of his lower back pain.

When he came to me, he was in crutches.

The lower back pain is caused by the hard landing on the heels of the feet. The impact shocked the nerve endings at the heels and the “shock” traveled up along the sciatic nerves to the lower back. This caused the lower back muscles to immediately tighten up. However, since the lower back muscles were not “given” subsequent instructions to relax, they stayed in the tightened position, and the lower back pain remained. The pain can be constant or it can be sharp and sporatic.

One way to ease the pain and relax the lower back muscles is to use a heavy dose of muscle pain relief gel with vigorous massage, and taking hot water showers with jets of water from the shower head directed at the lower back.


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