Hamstring and sitting too long

Hamstrings and sitting too long

In response to the enquiry: “Why does my hamstring tighten up if I sit too long?”

Hamstrings tighten up when they are being pulled. They tighten up to support the pull of the lower legs and the weight of the feet. This may occur when the bottom of the feet are not flat on the floor. The weight of the lower legs and the feet become
“heavier and heavier” over time, i.e., sitting too long.

The culprit is the chair. The chair is forcing the hamstring muscles to support the lower legs and feet.

Fancy office chairs, ergonomic chairs, and chairs that lean backwards often cause the lower legs and feet to be suspended.

Wooden dining chairs do not do this.

Get rid of the office chair. Use a more conventional chair, such as a dining chair as the work chair.

I use a “stool”, i.e., a cheap student chair I bought at Wal Mart and I removed its back, making it into a “stool on wheels”.


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