Eating too much and not doing enough exercise

Eating too much and not doing enough exercise

According to a professor Li Keji of the School of Public Health of Beijing University, “intake surpasses expenditure”, “an imbalance between eating and exercise” are the reasons the Chinese are becoming more and more overweight and obese.

Data presented to the fifth chronic disease management conference indicate that over 88% of Chinese adults do not exercise enough.

Their cancer rates have also been rapidly increasing.

According to a health commentary, there are seven conditions that will increase the risk of getting cancer.

(1) Hepatitis
(2) Chronic ulcerative diseases including gastric ulcers
(3) Diabetes
(4) Gastrointestinal polyps
(5) Cervical erosion
(6) Cyctic hyperplasia of the breasts, and
(7) Thyroid tubercle


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