Kidneys and back pain at night

In response to the enquiry: “Could my kidneys be causing my back pain at night?”

Back pain at night is usually caused by the dinky driver’s bucket seat of a small car, long periods of sitting and working in an office chair that is forcing the body to stay in a distorted posture for hours on end, and long distance driving and commuting.

A sunken bed forcing the body to contort while asleep is also a major cause of back pain at night.

Stretching exercises against a wall and a hot shower alleviate the back pain at night.

Indications that the kidneys may be the cause of back pain at night include yellow and sour smelling urine, occasional pain on the left side where the left kidney is, painful urination, weak urination, etc.

The above condition is brought on by a constant diet of pork without vegetables or soups.

Infrequent defecation and very dry fecal matter remaining in the colon are also causes of back pain at night.

To ease defecation, drink a bottle of soda such as 7up, Sprite or Mountain Dew. Soda softens stool.


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