Shaking leg muscles and restless legs

Shaking leg muscles and restless legs

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Shaking leg muscles and restless legs are common occurrences among people with sedentary lifestyles.

Leg muscles shake to generate “strength”, i.e., to generate more warmth and more blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles.

Shaking in freezing cold weather generates bodily warmth and stimulates circulation.

When leg muscles are on the verge of exhaustion, they will shake.  Long distance runners and martial arts practitioners who rely on the legs to sustain balance or posture all experience leg muscle shaking afterwards.

This leg shaking is the legs’ attempt to maintain posture and prevent collapse by “pumping” more blood flow and oxygen flow to keep the muscles functioning.

Restless legs occur often with sedentary lifestyle.  The nerves suddenly “fire” and the legs jump or the muscles “twitch”.

They indicate that the leg muscles are tight.  A shower of hot water on the legs will relax the leg muscles.



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