Uric acid in the blood and gout

Dramatic increase in cases of high uric acid in blood in Guangdong

Over the past five years, the number of people with a high uric acid content in the blood in Guangdong city has dramatically increased from 20% to 26% among 11,561 patients.

Among them, 54.23% were male patients and 45.77% were female patients.

Also among them, 5% to 12% will develop gout.

According to a professor Gu Jieruo of the Third Subsidiary Hospital of Zhongshan University in Guangzhou, drinking water in the city is acidic.

“Uric acid is the end product of purine metabolism. The saturation content of uric acid in serum is 7 mg/dl,” the professor said.

It is recommended that people drink alkaline drinks, including soda water, avoid acidic foods and consume more alkaline foods.

[Master Chen says]

The weather in Guangdong is rather damp and rainy. And like the weather in San Francisco, damp and cold air is devastating to those suffering from arthritis. It takes only 10-12 days for one with arthritis to develop gout in those climates.

Gout can occur not only in the feet but very rapidly in the finger joints. Once the joints are swollen, it will never go away. The fingers will remain permanently crooked.

When severe pain in the finger joints suddenly flares up, it will take only 8 hours for swelling to appear.

Swelling and pain in the finger joints with gout can only be controlled in very hot climates such as the extremely dry low humidity weather in the southwest regions of the United States.

Arthritic patients are extremely sensitive to humidity changes. Changes in weather from summer to autumn in the Washington D.C. and northern Virginia areas, especially right before a snow storm, are also devastatingly painful for arthritic sufferers.


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