Surprise causes of a weak arm

Two unexpected causes of a weak arm

The weakness in the arm seems to come on in the morning and during the day, the arm is too weak to hold up a cup, a plate or a pan just out of the oven. In one case, the subject had difficulty lifting a spoon or fork to place food into the mouth.

The arm weakness persisted for several weeks.

The causes of the weakness in the arm were rather surprising.

In the first case, it was found that one of the young sons of a mother would place his head on the mother’s right arm while listening to the mother read bedtime stories. The son would then fall asleep with the head on the mother’s right arm.

The mother would wake up the next morning feeling numbness in the right arm and the arm remains weak even after the numbness had gone.

The duration of the pressure on the arm seems to contribute greatly to bringing about the numbness and the weakness in the arm.

In the second case, weakness in the left arm was detected. The weakness seems to increase gradually without any obvious cause.

Holding a cup up and eating became difficult. The left hand was unable to hold the spoon and the fork up and maneuver the food into the mouth.

By chance, it was found that the neck muscle in the left side was also rather stiff. Again, there was no obvious cause for the stiffness. The only plausible cause was the thin pillow.

The thin pillow was replaced by a thicker pillow one night. The next morning, the weakness in the left arm seemed to have lessened, and the left hand was able to hold a cup up and maneuvering the spoon and the fork seemed slightly easier.

It was determined that the low pillow was the cause of the weakness in the arm.


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