Lead and zinc pollution and gout-like symptoms

Lead and zinc pollution and gout-like symptoms

In and near the Wushanxiang Yuandaxin lead and zinc mine in Daxin county in Guangxi province 27 kilometers outside of Chongzuo city, village residents have been suffering from swollen joints, deformation of joints, joints that are unable to bend, and pus oozing from joints. Some years prior, there had been complaints by villagers about pain and numbness felt in the joints of the hands, feet and spine.

Lead and zinc poisoning is suspected of causing these arthritic and gout-like symptoms.

The severe arthritic and gout-like symptoms described above somehow remind me of the severely swollen hands of a man who said he drank the water from a well in which debris from the April 17, 1897, Aurora, Texas, crash of a UFO was found.

There are many other symptoms, including nodules on both forearms, hyperplasia of the spinal cord, lower back pain, swollen and deformed knee, crooked toes, hyperplasia and hardening of the spinal cord, degeneration of the femur, cerebral palsy, partial paralysis, numbness in both hands and legs, and deformation of the finger joints.

A 40 year old female villager cannot stand up and walk normally. She said her legs and feet began to hurt when she was 5 years old. At age 7, both her legs become deformed, and since 10 years old, she has been unable to stand up and walk normally.

Corn planted in the local fields grow abnormally into dwarf corn.

A 63-year-old male villager was found to have an over concentration of cadmium of 11.25 micrograms/liter in his urine. His grandson has leukemia.

A 70-year-old (2014) woman began to have backaches in 2004. It was found that there was hyperplasia in her lower backbone. She would have been aged 60 in 2004.

The toes of an 81-year-old lady have been bent and deformed for 30 years.

A man has both gout and paralysis and is bedridden.

It is said that the lead and zinc mine began operation and began polluting the soil in about 1979 and the operation was shut down in 2004.

The Guangxi health authorities announced on November 25, 2014, that the severe deformation of hands and feet of the villagers of Yayou village in the Dahua Yao minority nationality autonomous county in Hechi city in Guangxi province is the result of gout brought on by the profuse wine drinking of the villagers and their constant diet of animal intestines, and it is not due to water or soil pollution. Water and food crop tests showed no traces of heavy metal pollution.

The severe deformation shows up on the back of the hands and on the bottom of the feet. Hard nodules and growths appear. Some of the deformation has affected the hands and feet so severely that the sufferers are unable to talk nor use their hands.

The Guangxi health authorities inspected 13 villages and found 24 sufferers, including 3 females and 21 males. Among the 21 males, 19 were found to have gout and 2 were found to have other tumorous diseases.

Yet in the Sanhe village in Wushanxiang in Daxin county in Guangxi, one male villager showed tumorous growths of various sizes that covered both his arms. They are not the characteristic symptoms of gout.

A test for cadmium content in the urine of 46 villagers showed that only 3 samples were normal.

In Taoyuan county of Changde city in Hunan province, severe pollution of rice fields caused by dumped solid waste has reduced the yield of rice crops and oranges. In 2001, an aluminum plant was built, and it is under suspicion to be the main cause of severe pollution of the ecological environment there.


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