Post traumatic stress syndrome in reincarnation

Post traumatic stress syndrome in reincarnation

A common characteristic of reincarnated children who remember their past life and their traumatic death in their previous life is post traumatic stress syndrome.

In past life regression, those who recall their traumatic deaths seem to harbor a consciously unexplained post traumatic stress syndrome, such as being burned at the stake after being accused as a witch in the middle ages, the death of a WWI soldier who reincarnated, the WWII pilot who reincarnated, and young men murdered in their previous lives and reincarnated, the Indian girl who remembered her own drowning, the Israeli border patrol guard’s death being recalled by a boy, etc.

This may indicate that emotional and physical trauma in a previous life is retained through reincarnation, and the reincarnated children who remember their past lives and their deaths exhibit post traumatic stress syndrome related to such trauma, often a violent death, in their previous lives.

The traumatic experience is retained as an emotional imprint on the psyche at the moment of death. This imprint is kept intact through reincarnation.

In some cases, the trauma is manifested physically as a peculiar birth mark, and in some cases, the birth mark fades as the child’s past life memories fade. In other cases, the birth mark remains through adulthood.

The retained trauma has mostly been intense fear and pain felt at the moment of death in the previous life.

Other reincarnation cases indicate that learned skills and language are also retained through reincarnation. One example is the man who, under hypnosis, wrote Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The retained traumatic emotions, learned skills and knowledge as well as language of one’s previous lives are mental imprints. They can be described as holographic memories and are carried through reincarnation.


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