“Stand on one leg leg won’t lift” [sic]

In response to “stand on one leg leg won’t lift” [sic]

I presume this means “stand on one leg and the other leg won’t lift”.

“Stand on one leg” and “leg won’t lift” because one is standing on the leg so it won’t lift.

Now if one stands on one leg and the other leg won’t lift, then one needs to do leg exercises to get the non-lifting leg functioning again.

Stand against a wall and place a low stool or a strong plastic or wooden box in front of the feet. Then use the hands to lift the non-functioning leg at the knee bend from behind and lift the leg and feet onto the stool or box. Then lean forward to bend the non-functioning leg. Maintain this position for a while and then straighten up the body against the wall. Repeat the exercise. Take a rest and a very hot shower so that the hot water runs down the non-functioning leg for ten to twenty minutes.

With the exercises and the showers, the non-functioning leg would probably recover its function. The non-functioning leg should also be checked out medically.

Twisted leg muscles, sciatica, and bad sleeping posture will sometimes incapacitate the legs and the arms. One may discover that one is unable to lift a cup or move a leg after waking up in the morning.

A lady’s arm went limp and could not lift plates and cups. The dysfunction of the arm was caused by the pressure from the son who had been sleeping on the mother’s arm throughout the night for several nights. Another case of an arm going limp was the result of the pillow being too low. A higher pillow alleviated the dysfunction of the arm.


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