Strength training in Chinese

In response to the above enquiry.

The basic concept of training is expressed by the character “lian”.  From this come the  various expressions including “duan lian”, “lian gong”, “lian gong fu”, “lian ti chao”, “lian nai li”, “lian xi”, “lian ti li” or “duan lian ti li”,  etc.

“Duan lian” refers to physical practice and training.  “Lian gong” and “Lian gong fu” refer to martial arts exercise.  “Lian ti chao” is calisthenics.  “Lian nai li” refers to training or exercise to strengthen stamina and physical tolerance.  “Lian xi” refers to “practice” like doing homework.   Chinese students use “lian xi bu” or “practice books” for math exercises and writing exercises.

Strength training would be “lian ti li” or training (lian) in or exercise in physical (ti) strength (li).


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