ODD or oppositional defiant disorder

ODD or oppositional defiant disorder

ODD or oppositional defiant disorder shows symptoms of angry and irritable behavior, vindictiveness towards individuals who are not siblings*, and displays at least one of four categories of symptoms of anger, irritable mood, argumentative and defiant behavior, social cognitive impairment, immature thinking such as egocentrism, retaliation and defiance towards verbal admonishment, refusal to correct one’s bad behavior, and cognitive distortions such as interpreting a neutral event or other people’s admonishment as intentional hostile acts.

It has been pointed out recently that spoiled Chinese brats are now exhibiting ODD symptoms and behavior. Observation also shows that even Chinese mainland adults exhibit such behavior, such as a Chinese female driver who was cited by a traffic cop, so she rammed her car into the police vehicle.

* ODD’s vindictiveness is shown by spoiled Chinese brats against their parents and by Chinese mainland tourists, women included, against authority in violent outbursts and brawls attacking whoever admonishes them. Besides the case of a Chinese mainland woman who used her umbrella to stab and wound a pregnant Hong Kong woman who admonished the Chinese mainland woman for forcibly inserting herself in front of the line, two Chinese mainland women who were booked on an 11:00 am flight out of Bangkok airport inserted themselves in front of the line at the Lion Air counter where passengers for the 10:00 am flight were waiting in line. They were admonished by a Thai lady, so the two Chinese mainland women went after the Thai lady and beat her up. The police came to calm them down but the two Chinese mainland women refused to calm down, remained defiant, and went pursuing the Thai lady until the police took them away and ordered them to take another flight.

In the case of the Thai stewardess being thrown hot water in her face, the male agitator stood up on a seat and shouted he wanted to bomb the plane and the female agitator acted as if she was going to kick the window open and commit suicide. Their utterly irrational behavior is both irrational and immature, showing utter defiance of logical behavior, like two spoiled brats displaying tantrums on board an airplane in flight. This is the immature defiance behavior of ODD.

ODD is both reactive and intentional.

ODD is both reactive and intentional. A kid reacts defiantly against psychological abuse, such as constant nagging, constantly being scolded, especially when the kid did nothing wrong, when the kid is constantly being forced to do what he or she does not want to do, constant admonition and discouragement by the parents.

Vindictiveness can be reactive and intentional. Observations of the retaliatory behavior of Chinese mainland tourists indicate violent vindictive emotional outbursts that are retaliatory. Persisting in violent behavior even after being told to calm down is intentional vindictive behavior.

Stabbing a pregnant Hong Kong woman with an umbrella after being admonished for forcibly inserting in front of the line is violent vindictive behavior.

Two Chinese mainland women who continued to pursue and beat a Thai woman after being admonished for forcibly inserting themselves in front of the line even when the police was present showed emotionally driven intentional violent vindictive behavior.

The two Chinese mainland women did not heed verbal mediation by the police and the police had to take them away. Failure to heed verbal mediation is a characteristic of ODD, oppositional defiant disorder.

There are many cases of traffic police being beaten and police cars being rammed by both male and female drivers cited for a traffic violation. The only explanation for the violent defiant behavior is ODD, oppositional defiant disorder.

A group of Chinese mainland tourists pushed over the wooden guard rails protecting the Buddhist mural inside the Thai royal palace. When admonished, a man shouted at the security guard denying that the group had pushed over the guard rail. The security guard told the man that the group’s action was recorded by the security cameras. The man fell silent.

Oppositional defiance is denying wrongdoing when such wrongdoing is being pointed out, often like a spoiled brat, and an undisciplined child who denies wrongdoing. It is a denial of taking responsibility for one’s own action. This is an immature mentality. It is the mentality of a kid who lies.

Another manifestation of oppositional defiance is a pervasive mental attitude of “So what!” and “I dare you to come and get me!” Such defiance shows emotional immaturity. A common behavior is to “stare you down”.

On the Chinese mainland, ODD, oppositional defiant disorder, seems to be a generalized behavioral disorder.

Social cognitive impairment has also been shown by the uncivilized behavior of the Chinese mainland tourists on board airplanes in flight, such as brawling and fist fighting in flight, intentionally pouring hot water on an African stewardess and throwing hot water at the face of a Thai stewardess, and throwing tantrums on board the airplane in flight by throwing noodles onto the floor of the airplane.

This social cognitive impairment results from cognitive distortions as exaggerated and irrational thought patterns such as the Chinese mainland people’s retaliatory mentality, egomania, not recognizing their utterly despicable and uncivilized behavior, all of which I had mentioned previously. These cognitive distortions are the results of a psychopathological state of persistent social anxiety and generalized depression that are prominent among Chinese mainland students and younger adults.

Mom kicks 4-year-old daughter to death

This is but one case among many similar cases in which either the mother or the father kills their own son or daughter because of a verbal argument between the parents, and one parent vents his or her anger on the daughter or son. Other cases involved babies being thrown onto the floor and the baby dies after a parental argument or mothers throwing babies into a river.

These are acts of vindictive behavior, a characteristic of ODD.


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