“Dark humor” or despicable callousness?

A Chinese guy in the Chinese milk industry describes the massive dumping of fresh milk and killing of milk cows while the Chinese mainland people buy imported milk as “dark humor”!

Dumping fresh milk and selling off milk cows, fresh milk not being sold for three consecutive days, are now very widespread occurrences.  Besides Shangqiu in Henan province, a milk cow farm in Xinjiang with 470 head of milk cows has sold off over 200 head since November of 2014.  Of the original 470 head, 70% produced milk.

In Tanjia village in Situ town in Danyang city in Jiangsu province, a milk cow farmer has been dumping over 1300 jin (half kilo) of fresh milk every day since December 15, 2014.

In Jingyang county in Shaanxi province, a village milk cow farm slaughters one milk cow per day.  In Shandong province, slaughtering milk cows has become very widespread.

In 2013, fresh milk produced by Chinese milk farms sold at 6 yuan per kilogram.  By the end of 2014, it sold at 3.9 yuan per kilogram.  In Hebei, Shandong and Guangdong provinces, the killing of milk cows and the dumping of fresh milk everyday are wide spread.  Other figures show that from January to September of 2014, fresh milk prices dropped from 4.26 yuan per kilogram to 3.84 yuan per kilogram.  Some individual milk farmers have been selling fresh milk at less than 2 yuan per kilogram.  At the same time, the Chinese mainland people are buying more imported milk products and imports of such products have increased greatly.

To me, this is despicable callousness, and it shows the complete lack of trust of the Chinese mainland people in their own domestic products.  The Chinese expression “chong yang xin li” means “worship of anything foreign”.  It describes a mental attitude of primitive peoples and people who suffer from a national inferiority complex.  They worship foreigners and foreign cultures i.e., Western cultures  as superior cultures.  This mentality is common in Asia.  Another Chinese expression “yang nu” means “slaves of foreigners” or “slaves of foreign culture”.  It was used to refer to the people of Hong Kong before Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.  Chinese mainland tourists have been buying so much foreign milk products in Hong Kong that the Hong Kong authorities have limited the purchases of milk powder, baby formula, to two cans per person.

Yet, while the Chinese milk producers are killing their milk cows and dumping hundreds and hundreds of fresh milk everyday, the Chinese mainland people rush to buy foreign milk products.

This “dark humor” to me is despicable callousness and it reflects the primitive and uncivilized mentality of the Chinese mainland people.


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