Dangerously unpredictable violent psychosocially dysfunctional retaliatory behavior

Dangerously unpredictable violent psychosocially dysfunctional retaliatory behavior of the Chinese mainland people

A 77-year-old man boards the K19 city bus at 13:05 hours on October 10, 2014, with a crude hand grenade.  He turns the cap, the hand grenade gives off a pop but does not explode.  The old man shouted:  “I want to die together with the bus driver!”  After being aprehended, the old man said:  “This bus did not stop at the bus stop.  It stopped 5 meters away, and I had to run forward to board.  It happened twice.  I have been keeping a grudge against this bus driver for some time, so I brought along a hand grenade I had kept since the time of the Cultural Revolution to exact revenge.”  When asked if he thought about the lives of the other passengers on board, he said he did not even think about the other passengers’s lives.

This is just one example of many incidents of dangerously unpredictable violent psychosocially dysfunctional retaliatory behavior of the Chinese mainland people.  It is now a psychosocial disorder and a mental disease characterized by mental rage and violent retaliatory behavior. Small events have triggered this dangerously unpredictable violent retaliatory behavior by  Chinese mainland tourists, bus riders, and airline passengers.  It is a generalized psychosocial dysfunction and a generalized mental illness.   It is a dangerously unpredictable violent retaliatory psychosocial dysfunction in spontaneous violent outburst of mental rage.   It is a spontaneous emotional outburst of violent retaliatory rage.  Such behavior includes opening emergency exit doors on board an airplane while the airplane taxies down the runway, brawling in flight, throwing tantrums in flight, stabbing a pregnant Hong Kong woman with an umbrella, etc. etc. Such behavior has become so commonplace among Chinese mainland people that it has become extremely dangerous to be in proximity with any Chinese mainland person.  Any Chinese man or Chinese woman may carry the risk of spontaneous outbursts that put the lives of others in grave danger.

Again, these are dangerously unpredictable psychosocially dysfunctional violent retaliatory outbursts of mental rage.  This is a mental illness and a very dangerous psychosocial dysfunction.


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