Bullies who know they are bullies and bullies who do not realize they are bullies

Bullies who know they are bullies and bullies who do not realize they are bullies

The reaction by the Chinese to the decision by Stockholm University to close its Confucius Institute has revealed several psychological aspects of bullies and bullying.  The Chinese reaction expressed surprise at the decision of Stockholm University as well as those of McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, the Toronto District School Board, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Chicago to terminate their association with the Confucius Institute.

It shows that there are two types of bullies: (1) bullies who know they are bullies and (2) bullies who do not realize they are bullies.

(1)  Bullies who know they are bullies

These are the typical bullies at school.  They taunt and tease, challenge and insult those who are different and those who are physically weaker.  Often they bully out of fun, other times they act out of bias, and still other times they act out of rebelliousness and jealousy.

Many of them realize what they are doing.  Their bullying ways can be stopped and their bullying behavior modified usually through proper admonition and appropriate counseling.

(2)  Bullies who do not realize they are bullies

These refer specifically to the “han ban”, the Chinese government entity that oversees the Confucius Institutes, and Chinese mainland adults.  It can be described as an insensitivity to and a complete lack of understanding of bullying behavior.

A male Chinese mainlander was in a bank standing in front of a cute female teller and talking.  Another cute female teller was available so a bank customer waiting in line began approaching the available teller.  The Chinese mainland male saw the other customer approaching so he turned around and shouted at the approaching customer, as if telling the approaching customer not to approach while he was talking to a teller.

A Chinese mainland woman followed another woman through a turnstile at a subway station in a city in Guangdong province.  She was seen by a female station attendant.  The female station attendant approached the woman asking her to buy a ticket.  They argued, and the woman kicked the female station attendant in the groin, causing her to bend  forward in pain. The woman who attacked the station attendant promptly walked away.

A woman tried to enter the turnstile of a subway station without a ticket.  After being told to buy a ticket, the woman rushed into the ticket office and started to beat up the ticket agent inside the ticket booth.  There was a big fight.

A man with a kid was seated on a bench inside a subway terminal.  The kid wanted to pee, so the man held the kid over the bench and the kid peed on the bench in public inside the subway terminal.  A female station attendant approached and told him where the station’s toilet was.  The man ignored her. When the subway arrived at the station, the man walked towards the subway car where the female station attendant was standing, walked up to the female attendant and slapped her in the face.  Then he and his kid walked into the subway car as the door closed behind them.

There are many such incidents, including the Chinese mainland woman who inserted herself in front of a line in a Hong Kong financial institution and was admonished by a pregnant Hong Kong woman, so the Chinese mainland woman used her umbrella and stabbed the pregnant Hong Kong woman.  When the Chinese mainland woman was interviewed after returning to mainland China, she said that brawling and hitting and stabbing are common and there is nothing to it.  “Maybe the culture is different in Hong Kong than it is on the Chinese mainland”, the [damn] woman said.

[Master Chen says]  This comment shows that the [damn] Chinese mainland woman
has absolutely no understanding that stabbing a pregnant woman is attempted murder!

Throwing childish tantrums and making threatening remarks on board airplanes in flight by Chinese mainland airline passengers are despicably ridiculous and outrageously sad.

In psychology, throwing tantrums and making verbal threats are forms of bullying.

A good illustration

Three drunk men went to the People’s Hospital in Gulin county in Luzhou city on the evening of January 14, 2015.  A two-month pregnant nurse told them:  “The doctor is busy right now.”  The drunks began bad mouthing and started beating and kicking the pregnant nurse.  She fell to the floor and suffered a miscarriage.  Another doctor was also beaten.  One of the drunks shouted:  “I have money!”


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