False self righteousness as psychosocial dysfunction

False sense of self righteousness as psychosocial dysfunction

I have been trying to identify some features that indicate psychosocial dysfunction of the Chinese mainland people.  Their bullying behavior, megalomania, egomania, are the features that I have identified.  The comments by three Chinese mainland tourists, two males and one female, after being caught smoking in the lavatory in flight on board airplanes indicate another feature of psychosocial dysfunction of the Chinese mainland people:  a false sense of self righteousness.

This psychosocial dysfunction is revealed very clearly by the “surprise” of the Chinese regarding the decision by Stockholm University to severe ties with the Confucius Institute, and the comments made by the in flight smokers when considered together.  The in flight smokers essentially said that they believe smoking in flight on board aircraft does not endanger anybody.  The police have had a very difficult time trying to convince the smokers that that way of thinking is wrong.  The other comment by a female Chinese mainland airline passenger was that she does not think that using her own cellphone on board flight endangers the flight.  The police also had extreme difficulty trying to convince her that what she thinks may not be necessarily so and that no matter what, she should not have done so against in flight regulations.

Here is a very good example of false self righteous misbehavior.

A man and a woman flagged down a taxi cab at 08:00 hours on the morning of January 16, 2015 in the city of Fuzhou.  The man said he wanted to go to Changle Road.  The woman said she wanted to go to East Street.  The woman insisted that the male passenger get out of the taxi.  The male passenger refused.  Both said they were in a hurry.  But both refused to give up.  So, the female passenger, the male passenger and the poor cabbie sat in the parked taxi for two hours.  The cabbie called the police some 20 minutes into the stalemate.  The police arrived and all three continued their argument at the police station.  It was two hours later than a compromise was reached.  The cabbie got a 30 yuan compensation.

To me, this is psychosocially dysfunctional egomanic self righteousness.  Fanatic Islamic dogma and Orthodox Jewish dogma against women also seem to be a psychosocially dysfunctional dogma of male chauvinism.  I wonder what these male chauvinistic Orthodox Jewish men thnik about hugging and embracing their own mothers?  Do they shun their own mothers like the plague?

Some years ago, a search began to find an explanation to “China’s rise” and China’s rise in “military aggressiveness”.   Even after several years of study and analysis and attempts, an adequate explanation remains illusive.  One psychological aspect is clear.  There is a sense that “China’s rise” is a manifestation of this false sense of self righteousness.  This stems historically from the concept of the “Middle Kingdom”, or the self righteousness of the Middle Kingdom.  There is also an undercurrent of a sense that ‘might makes right”.  This sentiment would then explain the uncivilized behavior of the Chinese mainland tourists and people.  There is a sense that when China under Mao Zedong was poor, it was the victim of Western might.  Now that China is a relatively wealthy nation and the people now have money, that this “wealth” somehow makes it “right” to be a “self righteous bully”.


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