Egomaniacal intolerance

Egomaniacal intolerance

A mother with a 13-week and 5-day pregnancy went to the hospital to get an abortion.  The reason was that her 13-year-old daughter threatened to commit suicide if the mother gave birth to the second child.  In Chongqing, a 14-year-old girl left a suicide note because the mother was pregnant with a second child.  Commentators have been blaming inappropriate family education and smoothering love that have created such egomaniacal, intolerant children. They also suggest that such children have hidden psychological problems.

[Master Chen says]
Egomaniacal intolerance is very commonly seen in Chinese mainland adult behavior.  One such manifestation is going into violent retaliatory behavior after being admonished for forcibly inserting in front of the line, violent retaliatory behavior on board airplanes in flight, etc. Adult egomaniacal intolerance is an intolerance towards being admonished for misbehavior of the Chinese mainland adults.

The intolerance of the daughters towards a second child is an exaggerated egomania and a fear of being neglected by the parents if there were a second baby in the family.  It is an exaggerated feeling of potential threat posed by the future sibling.  This could be defined as an exaggerated psychotic reaction to illusionary threat.

However, this explanation cannot be applied to the violent retaliatory behavior of the Chinese mainland adults against being admonished for their misbehavior.

To me, such egomaniacal intolerance is a generalized psychosocial dysfunction of both Chinese mainland adults and of the single child.  The cause is a complete lack of both family and school education in human relationship coaching.  Egomaniacal psychosis is a result, not a cause in the case of the 13-year-old and the 14-year-old girls.


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