Beijing is indeed no longer a city suitable for living

Beijing is indeed no longer a city suitable for living

Beijing’s mayor Wang Anshun admitted on January 23, 2015, that Beijing is indeed no longer a city suitable for living.

Air pollution, traffic jams and people are the problems, he says. At the end of 2014, Beijing had 21,516,000 long term city dwellers*, an increase of 368,000 people from that at the end of 2013. In the West Town district, the population density is 25,700 people per square kilometer.

The most recent analysis of the contents of PM2.5 pollution showed that automobile exhaust contributes 31.1%, coal burning contributes 22.4%, industrial pollution contributes 18.1%, dust contributes 14.3% and restaurants contributes 14.1%.

* So-called long term city dwellers include all migrant workers who work and live in the city but do not have legal residency in the city, and all legal city residents, i.e., those born in the city who have their household registration in the city.


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