An example of psychosocially dysfunctional behavior

An example of psychosocially dysfunctional behavior

A young student, born in 1995, was in his college dormitory playing games on his smart phone when the dormitory lights went out. So he got out of bed, picked up a folding knife, and went out. At a street corner, there was a young woman walking on the street busy with her smart phone. The young man went over, grabbed the woman’s smart phone and ran. He was curious to see the reaction of his victim so he returned to the “crime” scene and saw the young woman talking to police. His presence was seen by the police, so he ran and the police went after him in pursuit. The young man ran into the dormitory but the police caught up with him, searched the premise, and found the young woman’s smart phone and the folding knife inside the dormitory washer. The young man was apprehended and charged with robbery because he was carrying the folding knife with intent to use it to commit a crime.

The young man said that when the dormitory lights went out, he became frustrated for not being able to continue playing online games, so he went out to vent his frustration.


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