China has 459 (460) cancer villages and an 8-year-old lung cancer patient

China has 459 (460) cancer villages and an 8-year-old lung cancer patient

China’s youngest lung cancer patient is an 8-year-old girl of Jiangsu province. There are 459 (460) cancer villages in China. Some 70% of China’s rivers and lakes are polluted and half are severely polluted. A 51-year-old man of Shaoxing city’s Sanjiang village has lung cancer and jaundice and his eyes and skin are yellow, 20% of China’s farmland are polluted by aresenic and cadmium, 59.6% of China’s underground water cannot be directly drawn for use because it appears blue and black in color, and it smells foul. According to a June, 2013, Xinhua report, six Chinese mainland people are diagnosed with cancer every minute. In 2014, 71 out of 74 cities monitored for pollution did not meet non-pollution standards. The city of Beijing has now become unsuitable for living because of pollution, the mayor admitted on January 27, 2015. Smog covers the Wuli village in Zhejiang province for entire days. In Fuyang city, Anhui province, people out for morning exercise have to wear masks to cover their mouth and nose. Smog causes cancer in 4,000,000 people each year in mainland China. Cancer villages were first acknowledged officially in February, 2013. The highest cancer occurrence rate is among those 20 to 40 years old. Xintai city with a population of 7,600,000 residents has the worst air pollution in China. In 2013, Xintai city had only 38 days of clear weather. Smog blinds surveilance cameras and video monitoring systems, and blocks photosynthesis. Because of the over use of chemical fertilizers and agricultural erosion, desertification of Chinese soil is expanding at 3,885 square kilometers per year and now affects the livelihood of 400 million people.


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