Hysterical paralysis and separation anxiety

One day in August, 2014, a 46-year-old woman had an argument with her neighbors.  When she returned home afterwards, she discovered that she had lost her voice and when she coughed, there was no sound.  Her husband took her to several hospitals but nobody could find anything physically wrong with her.  Finally, a doctor at one hospital determined that she was suffering from hysterical paralysis after hearing her story about the argument she had with her neighbors.  The doctor prescribed psychiatric treatment and apparently she has now regained her voice.

Grandma Wu who lives in Xiaogan city was brought to Wuhan by her son to visit during the Spring festival holidays and to take care of her grandson.  On March 2, 2015, grandma saw her grandson to school.  She was at home when she felt severe anxiety and panic come over her.  Then she had severe chest pain.  She called her son who came home from work to take her to the hospital.  The doctor diagnosed her as having a pseudo-heart attack due to “separation anxiety”.


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