China’s education and parents are killing their own kids

China’s education and parents are killing their own children

On March 5, 2015, a 15-year-0ld boy had an argument with his mother about going back to school after being shouted at by the mother.  The kid went to the window and jumped from the 6th floor.  He is now at the Second Hospital in Hangzhou city.

A junior middle school girl was brought to the hospital the same day complaining about having a stomachache.  The psychiatrist says that the girl suffers from “return to school syndrome”.   Every time the words “going back to school” are mentioned, the girl becomes very agitated and anxious.  The psychiatrist also says that there have been a 30% increase in such cases over the last five years, and some children come in with violent outbursts and other psychological dysfunction.

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How truly sad it is that Chinese mainland psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors fail to recognize that what they call “return to school syndrome” and “return to work syndrome” are neuropsychotic phobias and are clinically definable as neuropsychotic ills.  Describing these children’s aversions and aversive behavior as a “syndrome” is gross  ignorance and misguided categorization that entirely dismisses a serious psychological phobia and neuropsychotic aversion in these children.

Chinese mainland doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists have utterly failed to teach parents not to nag at the kids, not to constantly chastize the kids, not to force the kids to have to always be first in class.  They have failed completely in teaching parents to tell their kids that there are choices one can make, there are interests that can be developed, and there are practical goals other than getting into a top university and graduating with no skills and unemployable.

This is reflected in China’s shortage and lack of innovative talent and lack of technically skilled workers.

Practice makes perfect, only if the kid is willing to practice and has the interest to practice to be perfect.  On the Chinese mainland, however, parental bullying instead of parental encouragement seems to be the only way to push the kid to achieve perfection.

Alas!  Alas!


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