Rhabdomyolysis and hematophagous mycobacteriosis


Rhabdomyolysis is the dissolution of the striated muscles.

In Huaihua city in Hunan province, a 33-year-old man drank half a kilo of rice wine at late night on March 2, 2015.  He then knelt on the floor of the living room and fell asleep for 8 hours.  He woke up afterwards and wanted to stand up but could not.  He had lost control of voluntary movement of his legs.  On March 4, 2015, he was taken to the Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital and was diagnosed with multiple organ failure.  The doctor said this was a case of rhabdomyolysis, the dissolution of the striated muscles due to the long period of kneeling on the floor.

Hematophagous mycobacteriosis

A 40-year-old woman named Tsoy in Shenzhen city, Guangzhou province, has been going in and out of a comatose state for several months since September of 2014.  On February 21, 2015, she suddenly woke up from a comatose state and began to speak.  Her speaking ability was extremely limited, able to speak only several words at a time.  In September of 2014, she suddenly became confused and began to utter nonsense.  She would sleep during the day and get up and cook during the night.  Magnetic resonance imaging showed that there were large areas of brain damage but the doctors did not know why.  They believe that the woman contracted hematophagous mycobacteriosis which was found on her skin as well as inside her brain.  The doctors say this is China’s first case of hematophagous mycobacteriosis, and that there are only four other cases in the world.


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