Partial recovery from complete paralysis due to cerebral hemorrhage twice

Recovery from complete paralysis due to cerebral hemorrhage twice

The is a case of apparent recovery from complete paralysis due to cerebral hemorrhage twice.

At 23:00 hours on October 26, 2009, a man named Su was asleep when he suffered cerebral hemorrhage.  He was completely paralyzed.  He was taken to the Worker’s Hospital in Liuzhou city in Guangxi province for one year of acupuncture treatment.  He was then transferred to the Guangxi Neurological Hospital for one year to undergo physical rehabilitation.  His 55-year-old wife Huang would push him in a wheelchair for two to three hours to get to the hospital for a 40-minute rehabilitation session.  During this time, the wife had him do outdoor walking exercises at home.   In December of 2012, he began to be able to stand up and walk.  But on April 4, 2013, he had another cerebral hemorrhage.  Three hospitals refused to admit him.  The wife realized that the daily walking exercises may have helped his recovery so she began to have him walk everyday.  This lasted for over half a year.  He improved to the point where he was able to sit up in bed, get out of bed by himself, stand up and walk down the stairs, take walks outdoors and was now able to utter a few phrases.

Apparently the recovery was made possible by acupuncture, physical therapy and daily walking exercises his wife had him do everyday at home after the first stroke from cerebral hemorrhage.  It seems that the only “therapy” the man received following the second cerebral hemorrhage and stroke was the walking exercises he did at home.  Overall, it was a five-year journey from complete paralysis to partial recovery of controlled leg movements and speech.

The question is whether the man would have at least recovered partially following the first cerebral hemorrhage without acupuncture treatment and physical therapy at the hospital.  Could walking exercises alone be enough to bring about partial recovery after the first cerebral hemorrhage that completely paralyzed him?


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