A case of utter failure of Chinese mainland family education

On March 6, 2015, Friday, an 11-year-old girl and her 6-year-old little brother came home half an hour late from school.  The mother scolded the little daughter for coming home late.  On March 8, 2015, Sunday, at noon, the little girl and the little boy left home to walk to their grandparents’ home.  They were spotted walking along the freeway by the highway patrol.  When the highway patrolmen approached the little girl and little boy, both kids ran into some bushes to hide.  The patrolmen pulled them out and took them to the police station, fed them, and asked where they were going.  The little girl said she was late returning home from school and her mother scolded her for being late.  She said, grandpa and grandma love them more than mother, so she was taking her little brother to their  grandparents’ house where they were loved.  The police took the children back home to the mother and their father who was working elsewhere was notified.  The local psychiatrist said that the children need to be told to behave.

[Master Chen says]

In this case, it is the mother who shouted at the girl and scolded the girl for coming home late that prompted the little 11-year-old girl to take her 6-year-old little brother to leave home to go to their grandparents’ home where they feel they are loved more.

It is the mother who is at fault for shouting at and scolding the little girl.  Yet the local psychiatrist does not even mention that the mother should be taught how to treat her own kids.

I feel very strongly that this story illustrates an utter failure of the local psychiatrist to provide proper advice to the mother in how to treat her own daughter instead of focusing only on the behavior of the 11-year-old girl.


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