Fatally hazardous behavior of Chinese mainland tourists

Fatally hazardous behavior of Chinese mainland tourists

According to the director of the Chengdu Panda Nursery, the deadly distemper of pandas may have been spread by the cats and dogs that the tourists have brought into the panda nurseries.  She also reported that a giraffe suffered a nervous breakdown after a zoo allowed gatherings of visitors to do plaza dances inside the zoo.  Visitors to the zoo threw so much junk food into the monkeys’ pen that some monkeys over ate and died from gluttony.

These are incidents included in an official report submitted to the 12th National People’s Congress by the Sichuan delegation.

The activities and behavior of the Chinese mainland people are fatally hazardous to people and to animals.  Stabbings, beatings, suicides, brawls, child abandonment, are being reported every day all over China.

Why are the Chinese mainland people so uncivilized?  Why?


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