Cadmium contamination in China

A recent report by China’s Agricultural Sciences Academy revealed that cadmium contamination of rice fields in the southwest and the coastal regions has increased by over 50%, and that cadmium contamination in northern China, the northeast and in western China has increased from 10% to 40%.

[Master Chen says]

Food contamination and food crop contamination is very serious problem on the Chinese mainland.  Wealthy Chinese as well as rice farmers are reluctant to consume Chinese rice, and many wealthy Chinese are known to buy Japanese rice.  One comment by a Chinese mainland tourist was that Japanese rice is not contaminated as Chinese rice is.

If possible, buy California, Texas long grain rice, imported Thai fragrant rice or imported Japanese rice.  Never buy Chinese rice nor tea produced in Fujian province.  Chinese rice fields are severely contaminated by cadmium, and Fujian tea is usually sprayed with banned pesticides.


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