Hogs won’t even eat it!

Hogs won’t even eat it!

Chenzi village in Pengze county in Jiangxi province, produces various food crops and grapes.  In 2003, the Jishan Chemical Industry Zone was established next to the village.  There are now 18 pharmaceutical plants, pesticide plants, and textile printing and dyeing plants in operation.  Sludge from the plants flows through hidden pipes directly into the Yangtzu River.  Now, the entire village stinks, crops that are harvested have grey moldy spots all over them, and according to one villager:  “Look at the grapes and the other farm produce, they are all covered with this grey moldy spots.  Not even hogs will eat them!”

This is not just the result of illegal dumping, it is the mentality of expediency of the Chinese mainland people, and the malfeasance of Chinese mainland bureaucracy.

This is a complete lack of humanist morality!  This is incivility!

It proves that humanist morality has to be taught to people.  It does not evolve as a byproduct of cultural evolution nor as a byproduct of the evolution of civilization.  Confucianism and Buddhism teach us to respect nature.  The political culture of the Chinese Communist regime on the Chinese mainland and the Chinese mainland people are devoid of any respect for nature.  The Chinese mainland’s political culture does not have any humanist morality.  It also proves that the Chinese mainland people and the Chinese mainland culture, contrary to what they say, do not have any sense of Confucianism and Buddhism.  “Confucianism” and “Buddhism” on the Chinese mainland are fake.  True Confucianism and Buddhism exist, ironically, in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, but not on the Chinese mainland!


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