Answers to some recent inquiries

Here are some questions I have received recently:

Does hydrogen peroxide hurt scabs?

Hydrogen peroxide does not hurt scabs.  It will clean out the bacteria that are under the scab.  If white foam oozes from the scab, that means that the bacteria that are under the scab are now dead.  If no white foam oozes from the scab, that means that there were no bacteria under the scab previously.

What does it mean if your lip swells and sags on one side?

This depends on the cause of the lip swelling and the color of the swollen lip.  A pinkish swollen lip indicates there is blood flow in the blood vessels in the lip.  If the color of the lip is purple, that means there is dead blood cells accumulating in the blood vessels of the lip.  The lip will turn purple and will swell when hit by a punch on the lip.

A swollen lip that sags on one side or sags to one side may be caused by the “weight” of the dead blood accumulating inside the blood vessels in the lip.

When I press fingers, skin stays indented.

After taking a hot water shower for 20 to 40 minutes, the skin on the fingers will seem shriveled and wrinkled and the skin stays indented.  Hot water shower actually has a dehydrating effect.  Often after a hot shower, one feels the need to have a drink.  On Taiwan, there are many public sulfur baths.  Many visit these bath houses to relax.  After soaking in the hot sulfur bath for some time, one emerges relaxed.  At this time, hot tea is served.

The hands, knees, legs, feet often become swollen after taking a long flight in a cramped economy class seat.  This is usually due to temporary localized edema, or the accumulation of fluids in those parts of the human body.  When the swollen fingers or feet or knees are pressed, the fluids are displaced and they spread to the surrounding areas.  The skin, after being pressed, thus stays indented.


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