How to offend the Chinese bullies!

How to offend the Chinese bullies!

To do so, insist on say the following:

Japan is better than China!

The people of mainland China are unruly, chaotic and uncivilized hordes who spit everywhere, throw trash everywhere, and their babies pee and defecate everywhere.

Taiwan is better than China!

Taiwan is not a renegade province of the uncivilized and bullying Communist regime called the People’s Republic of China!

Taiwan is the civilized Republic of China!

More aspects of Chinese culture have been preserved in North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan than on the Chinese mainland.

The Chinese Comunist regime is the destroyer of traditional Chinese culture!

The Chinese Communist regime and the Cultural Revolution have destroyed Confucianism!

On the Chinese mainland, there are only fake Buddhism,  fake Christianity, fake Catholicism, and fake Confucianism.  There is no Taoism on the Chinese mainland.

The simplified Chinese characters used on the Chinese mainland are artificial and fake.

There is no genuine Chinese culture on the Chinese mainland.  Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, socialism are not Chinese.

Confucianism, Chinese Buddhism and Taoism are Chinese, and genuine Confucianism, genuine Chinese Buddhism and genuine Taoism do not exist on the Chinese mainland.  They exist only on Taiwan and in Singapore.

When in Hong Kong, speak Cantonese since Mandarin Chinese is a foreign language in Hong Kong.

When speaking to someone from the Chinese mainland, speak Taiwanese, Japanese, or “Singlish” (Singapore English), do not speak Mandarin.

Hong Kong should have remained a British colony!


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