Toe not bending with the rest of the toes

In response to enquiry:  “Toe not bending with the rest of the toes”

This is rather common with foot cramps.  Both Chinese and Western physiology recognizes that each toe houses the endings of nerves. When there is a foot cramp, particular nerves will be affected while other nerves will still function.  The message from the brain to bend the toes is not received by the nerve endings in a particular toe and that toe will not bend.  The nerves in the muscles of that particular toe did not receive the message and therefore do not respond.  Physically trying to bend the toe or “exercise” the toe that does not bend will not alleviate the inflexibility.

The remedy is to soak the entire foot in warm or preferably hot water for at least ten to 20 minutes to relax the foot muscles and stimulate the nerves and blood and blood oxygen flow to all toes.


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