Pin pricks when pushing down gas pedal

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It depends on where the “pin pricks” occur.  They may occur on the bottom of the foot, on top of the foot, on the outer side of the lower leg, on the outer side of the thigh, on the inner side of the thigh, or on top of the thigh when pushing down on the gas pedal.

Different locations of the pin pricks indicate different muscle groups.

Pin pricks usually indicate that the “electrical charges” running down the nerves are “firing” because they are being blocked and they are not going through.  Tight muscles are usually the cause of this nerve blockage and nervous discharge.   Extreme cold that tightens the leg muscles during sleep will result in pin prick discharge.  The same applies inside a vehicle.

If the air conditioning inside a vehicle is turned on too high, especially when driving long distances and for longer periods, the gas and break pedal “well” becomes very cold, and the legs become cold and the leg muscles will tighten.  The legs may cramp.  Sometimes, there will be pin pricks in the legs and feet.  Pin pricks in the foot, especially in the foot that is trying to press down on the gas pedal, indicates that the foot is so cold and that the foot muscles are so tight that the nerve signals are not getting through and are misfiring.

The remedy is to stop and get out of the vehicle, and walk about to warm up the legs and the feet.


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