What is the acupressure point(s) for right hand paralysis?

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There are several acupressure points and massage techniques to alleviate right hand (left hand) paralysis.

(1)  Make fists.  Try to extend the fingers and then make a fist, and then extend, and then make a fist by closing the fingers, and continue for about 20 or try to do so up to 40 minutes.

(2)  In case of right hand paralysis, use the left thumb to press at the point in the center of the fold between the thumb and the first finger.  Press hard.  If there is a feeling of numbness there, that means that the nerves to the thumb are blocked and this blockage paralyzes the thumb.  Press until the numbness is alleviated and the thumb feels tingling or “hot”.  These sensations indicate that the nerves to the thumb are becoming active and there is blood flow into the thumb.

(3)  Another acupressure point is at the center of the fleshy part of the palm at the bottom of the thumb.  The muscles there control thumb movement.  Press that point.  One may feel pain and numbness.  The color of the fleshy part may also be ashen.  Press until the fleshy part changes color to pink.  At first, small pink dots may appear.  Continue until the entire fleshy part shows pink.  This means that blood flow into the fleshy part is now beginning.

(4)  A third acupressure point is at the center of the fleshy part of the palm on the opposite side of the fleshy part of the thumb, i.e., the fleshy part of the palm that is behind the little finger.  Press and rub that muscle group that is behind the little finger.  Do so until the color of that part of the palm changes color to pink.

(5)  Massage the fingers and occasionally pull the fingers to force the muscles of the hand to “relax” and loosen up.

(6)  Use a muscle pain relief gel when massaging the fingers and the palm.  Even when there is no feeling in the hand, the muscle pain relief gel will act as a stimulant to loosen the muscles and provide “heat” to the muscles.

(7)  Right hand paralysis is associated with muscular and nervous dysfunction that extends up to the right shoulder and right neck.  Massaging the entire right arm up to the shoulder and the neck with muscle pain relief gel will help alleviate right hand paralysis.

(8)  There are also several acupressure points on the arm, at the right corner of the chest near the arm pit, and a point at the center of the right (in this case) shoulder that also need to be pressed.  These points control, alleviate and stimulate the muscles that control hand movement.

(9)  “Blockage”, as is known in Chinese medicine, at that point at the right (in this case) corner of the chest near the arm pit is often manifested in right hand paralysis.  Pressing that point may be painful.  This pain indicates a “blockage” and this pain also indicates that the right hand is affected.

(10) Another acupressure point is right below the inside fold of the elbow.  It is a point right on the main muscle group of the forearm.  If one feels pain or even slight pain when pressing that point, that indicates that there may be physical weakness in the right hand.  A “numb” sensation may be felt in the hand when this point is pressed.

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