Acupuncture helps reduce recurrence of stroke

Acupuncture helps reduce recurrence of stroke

A 2000-2004 study of 30,058 hospitalized anemic stroke patients were divided into two groups of 15,029 patients each.  One group received supplementary acupuncture treatments and the other group did not.  The group that received supplementary acupuncture treatments showed a reduction rate of 7.69% in recurrence while the group that did not receive supplementary acupuncture treatments showed a reduction rate of 5.04% in recurrence.

Stroke is the third cause of death on Taiwan.  The death rate within 3 months after a stroke is 11%.  The death rate within 6 months after a stroke is 12.5%, and the death rate within 1 year after a stroke is 16.5%.

The recurrence rate of cerebral strokes (cerebrovascular accident) within 5 years afterwards is 35.3% and within 10 years is 51.3%.

A second CVA occurrence usually leaves the patient in more severely paralyzed condition.

On Taiwan, 40% of stroke patients seek Chinese medical treatment versus Western medical treatment.

The study says that a combination of Chinese acupuncture and Western medical treatment of stroke victims can help reduce the recurrence rate by 60%.


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